5 samples for ROPPOR Art swarm drone Light Show(6)

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5 samples for ROPPOR Art swarm drone performance [ENG Subtitle]

5 samples for ROPPOR Art swarm drone Light Show(1)

Find n-Side in the top menu and create it.

When creating, the Sides value is 6, but change the value to 5. (You can pay as much as the number of drones used~! 6 faces 6 faces 7 faces 7)

Adjust the Rotate value to place the pentagon as shown in the photo below.

After changing the angle by controlling the Rotate B value of the origin, select individual objects

Move it so that it reaches the vertex of the pentagon.

Also in this part, by using the movement of the origin and simultaneous change of the object value described

above, It makes individual objects move at the same time while the Rotate value of the origin is moving~!

Set the Key value to move the objects to the left at equal frame intervals.

It is important to make the spheres move along the pentagonal line.

Please move them one by one.

After selecting objects one by one, the distance is increased and decreased.

Try to open and collect one by one in sequence.

Each object is moved to form a diagonal line.

Move each object to create a formation that is symmetrical to the formation above.

You can create it by holding the origin at the center of the pink sphere and returning the P value of the Rotate.

There is no correct answer between the two methods. You can make it according to your style!

You are almost there!!! We are almost done! It creates a formation for landing.

Select individual objects and move them. It’s sort of disassembly for landing. ^_^

The reason for this disassembly is the order of the drones in the starting formation and the order of placement in the landing formation must be the same.

ex: start (left) 0, 1, 2, 3, 4 (right)

Start (left) 0, 1, 2, 3, 4 (right)

Lower to prepare for landing.

Starting from the left, it is placed in the order of aircraft 4, 3, 2, 1, 0.

The landing formation must have aircraft of the same number in the same position as the starting formation. This way you can prevent collisions between drones!

Now, I made the landing formation safely.

Overall, you’ve learned how to create a drone formation, so try to create a formation in your own style!

Now that I’ve made all the movements, I’ll check the speed and collision of the drone performance.

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