Execution of path file for drone light show of ROPPOR Art

Swarm drone light show software download,

For more information on “ROPPOR Art Swarm Drone Light Show of 5 samples”, you can check out the video on the YouTube channel below.

5. ROPPOR Art Swarm Drone Performance Large Path File Execution [ENG Subtitle]

Now we are going to use ROPPOR to bring up our formation.
Press [3D ART MODE] at the top of the screen to switch to 3D virtual simulation mode.

If you click the Dashboard icon in the shape of a window on the upper left, the Dashboard list is displayed.

Click the folder-shaped icon in the menu window. Path Specifies the folder containing the file.

When you load the file, you can see that our performance formation is entered as shown below.

You can play with the timeline located below the Z-axis, or select a specific frame and simulate whether it moves in the same manner as the production formation while changing the altitude and viewing direction

Using Cinema 4D, I created a performance formation for use in ROPPOR.

If you refer to the document distributed by ChemEssen along with the video, you will be able to make it much easier!

I made a small drone show formation using the method described so far and actually operated it.

You can view it by clicking the link below.

Now our journey is done. Thank you.

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