Hardware configuration for interworking with ROPPOR swarm drone software platform(1)

Swarm drone light show software download,

For more information on “Introduction to the swarm drone software platform, ROPPOR”, you can check out the video on the YouTube channel below.

Hardware configuration for interworking with ROPPOR swarm drone software platform

1) H/W Equipment Preparation
Next, we will connect with the drone. The shape of a common drone (Quad-Copter) must be prepared in advance, and the shape of the aircraft and the configuration of hardware are optional for the user. The products we used are guided by reference.

  • Frame : DJI F450 Flame wheel
  • Motor : DJI E305 2312E 960KV Motor
  • ESC : HOBBYWING XRotor-40A-V1-Wire leaded
  • RC Receiver : Frsky 2.4GHz ACCST X8R
  • LED Board : Refer to “Performance Drone Aircraft Interlocking Guide”
  • FC : drotek Pixhawk 3 Pro (Firmware : Ardupilot Copter 4.0.4 OFFICIAL)
  • Positioning Module (GPS) : drotek SIRIUS RTK GNSS ROVER (F9P)
  • Power Supply : drotek Voltage & current & 5.3V power supply – Mounted
  • Accessories : drotek All-in-One module (Pixhawk 3 Pro) / JST-GH to JWT 28AWG 6-pins Silicone
    https://store-drotek.com/819-all-in-one-Pixhawk.html / https://store-drotek.com/831-jst-gh-to-jwt-28awg-6pins-cable.html

This cable is not provided separately, so you have to make it yourself. You just need to prepare a 5V cable to power the Raspberry Pi and Micro USB Power. We supplied power by connecting 5V/3A UBEC from the aircraft’s PDB (12V).

The frame has a basic shape and the ECS, Motor, and Power Module are soldered in advance. Now that everything is ready, let’s start linking

First, attach it to the center of the frame using 3M double-sided tape provided by FC.

Now, RPi and LTE base are combined with each other using a long header. In this process, we will use a case for RPi 3A+ called Coupe which is easy to attach to the frame.

As shown in the picture above, LTE Base with LongHeader and RPi are combined.

After that, mount the LTE module to the socket of the LTE base.

Connect the two devices to the combined device using a USB to Micro USB Cable.

Likewise, connect the Power Cable to supply main power to the RPi.

After connecting, attach the device to the frame as shown in the picture.

Refer to the image above and connect the marked LTE Base Hat’s GND, TX, and RX to the Telem1 Port of the Pixhawk 3 Pro using a JST-GH to JWT 28AWG 6-pins Silicone cable.

On the front of FC, all-in-one module and RTK Rover are connected.

After each device is connected, the selection process and frame assembly are completed, and a space for the Rover and Battery is prepared and the Rover is attached.

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