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Introduction of swarm drone software platform ROPPOR

Swarm drone light show software download,

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1. Introduction[ENG subtitle] of ROPPOR, a swarm drone software platform-YouTube

ROPPOR is a swarm drone software platform. Based on the mobile communication network, it is possible to control multiple drones with only one computer without limiting the distance or number of drones.

ROPPOR is composed of three software, among which ROPPOR Art is a performance operation software that communicates with drones at the performance site and aims to perform drone light show through performance formations.

This article is about the integration of 5 ROPPOR Art drones among 3 types of swarm drone software platforms.

In addition, it monitors and simulates the performance status in a 3D virtual space.

Looking at the communication between the ROPPOR platform and drones, wireless communication using a mobile communication network (LTE) is used, not a local wireless communication network such as Wifi or Telemetry.

Wifi, Radio, Telemetry, etc. have many restrictions such as the number of drones, speed, communication distance, etc. due to output restrictions. There is an inconvenience of required related equipment to solve this problem, and amplification and modification beyond the output limit may violate depending on each country’s radio law.

However, mobile communication networks can be used simply and conveniently without restrictions on speed, distance and number of operating units. In addition, there are no restrictions on use as it is a secure and licensed band with security in the LTE’s own use band

The image above is the hardware components of ROPPOR. As shown in the image, a VPN Server is opened on the relay PC and a VPN Client is installed on the drone and the operating PC to enable communication between mobile networks.

Please refer to Youtube for detailed video.

Introduction of swarm drone software platform ROPPOR

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