ROPPOR Art Drone Light Show Formation Plugin(2)

Swarm drone light show software download,

ROPPOR Art Drone Light Show Formation Plugin(1)

  1. Basic Tools of ROPPOR Art
    ROPPOR Art Basic Tools automatically not only set the name and material (RGB) of the aircraft but also check the distance (collision verification) and speed (flight verification) between drones based on the configured light show formation. And it can create a performance path (PATH) file. All the contents of the existing scripts have been inserted into this item.

Spheres selected by [Reload] are loaded to use the functions of the basic tools. The number of selected spheres is displayed in [Number of UAVS]. If the number of logarithms increases, it is inconvenient to count and enter the number one by one, so use the Reload function.

Select the spheres you want to sort and click the [Rename Sphere & Add Material] button. The names of the spheres are automatically sorted in order, and materials are inserted into the sorted spheres at once. This is a feature developed because it is cumbersome to coat the material individually with spheres~!

[Distance Check] Check the distance to make sure there is no collision in the performance between the created drones.
[Minimum Distance] sets the minimum distance at which a collision might occur during performing a test show in consideration of the effects of the user’s aircraft characteristics, GPS position error and wind, etc. (For collision verification)
[Frame Count] sets the area to apply the function from 0 Frame to x Frame.
[Speed Check] detects drones exceeding 3m/s.

After setting the storage location of the performance path (PATH) files with [Set Directory], click [Make Path File] to create the performance path (PATH) files.

ROPPOR Art Drone Light Show Formation Plugin(3)

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