ROPPOR Art Drone Light Show Formation Plugin(4)

Swarm drone light show software download,

ROPPOR Art Drone Light Show Formation Plugin(3)

3. Formation Storage of ROPPOR Swarm 3D File (.rs3d)

You can save a formation by setting a specific frame set among files. Rather than saving it as a PATH file, this function can be used when you want to extract and use one scene.

After setting [Frame Set], create ROPPOR Swarm 3D File (.rs3d) file using [Set Directory> Make Form File].

If we take a photo as an example, save the coordinates and RGB values of the aircraft in the 72 Frame section in ROPPOR Swarm 3D File (.rs3d).

It is above screen created in the specified location. In the picture, the (.rs3d) file and the PATH file are together. When actually storing it, please keep it well organized.

ROPPOR Art Drone Light Show Formation Plugin(5)

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