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Product / Sensors

Customize Roppor
to your need

Sensors and units

Various attachable sensors and units are available to fit your business needs.

  • Gas Sensor

    Gas Sensor

    • Toxicity-level detector
    • chemical plants management
  • Thermal Imaging Camera

    Thermal Imaging Camera

    • Heat source detector with night vision
    • human rescue missions
  • 3D LiDAR

    3D LiDAR

    • 3D scanning of spatial information
    • 3D modeling of geographical features
  • Hyperspectral Camera

    Hyperspectral Camera

    • Hyperspectral surface image generator
    • measuring green tide and red tide mineral deposits
  • Broadcasting Production Camera

    Broadcasting Production Camera

    • High definition video generator
    • Commercial broadcasting via drone
  • other units

    Other Units

    • Any Unit can be attached for your purpose.