Legal notice

Legal disclaimer regarding copyright

  • ROPPOR Swarm Drone Software is registered with the Korea Copyright Commission and is protected by copyright law. Please note that unauthorized copying, use, and distribution of this software, as well as unauthorized copying, use, and distribution of functions, function lists, function placement, user interfaces, and design within the software, are in violation of copyright law.
  • ROPPOR Swarm Drone Trial Software may only be used for functional verification purposes, and may not be used for commercial, educational, or business purposes.
  • If you have any copyright-related questions, please send your inquiries to and we will sincerely review and respond.

Legal disclaimer regarding Limitation of Liability

  • ChemEssen Inc. is a software company. We are only responsible for the development and supply of swarm drone software and does not actually operate drone aircraft. The hardware related to parts and equipment, etc. and data such as mobile communication networks provided by us is only one example of testing the products of various manufacturers and the services of mobile carriers and confirming their integration with our software, and the durability of each hardware and mobile communication network. It does not guarantee the stability, the function for a specific purpose, etc.
  • The user is solely responsible for the selection, interlocking, and operation results of all hardware and mobile communication networks outside the scope of the software.
  • Please select the hardware and mobile communication network that suits your purpose using the free trial version, which is provided unlimitedly regardless of the duration and number of drones, and be sure to verify its function, durability, stability, and malfunction. In addition, it is necessary to check and comply with the relevant laws and regulations of the country when drones are actually operated.
  • In addition to the software, the civil and criminal liability for all unforeseen circumstances and illegal operation including errors, malfunctions, accidents, human damages and property damages that may occur during interlock and operation of the drone body, parts, equipment, and mobile communication network selected by the user lies with the user, not with ChemEssen, Inc.