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Terms of Use for End User

This terms of use is intended for end users(hereinafter referred to as “Users”) who directly use part or all of three types of ROPPOR swarm drone solution(hereinafter referred to as “ROPPOR software”) of ChemEssen Co. Ltd( hereinafter referred to as “The company”) such as ROPPOR Server, ROPPOR Private and ROPPOR Art. Any indirect users including rental, resale and training of this software are totally prohibited. Users who are interested in indirect usage can refer to the “Other Paid Services” section of the website quotation guide.
  1. 1. Requirement of License Eligibility
    1. 1.1. “Users” must use “ROPPOR software” with registered drones and the relevant pilot certification of license within the related laws and regulations of each country concerned. “the company” will be totally exempt from any and all problems caused by illegal usage of “Users”.
    2. 1.2. “Users” understands that “ROPPOR software” can only be used by authorized users who have been given a Serial Number for the software and “Users” cannot reproduce, redistribute, transfer the usage right to any other third parties other than the designated user.
    3. 1.3. “Users” understand that “ROPPOR software” is a free trial version and can be used only for testing purposes to verify functionality of “ROPPOR software” and cannot be used for purposes other than testing, such as a commercial, business or any indirect use.
  2. 2. License Use of Copyright
    1. 2.1. All management and legal rights referring to the use of “ROPPOR software” are completely in possession of “the company” and “Users” fully understand and agree on all responsibility and obligation to make use of “ROPPOR software”.
    2. 2.2. “Users” recognizes that “ROPPOR software” is registered under the Korean Copyright Commission and is protected by the copyright law and unauthorized copying, use, distribution of all contents including functions, function list, function arrangement, user interface, design, menu, images, pictures, logos in this software as well as unauthorized copying, use, transfer, distribution, edit, upgrade, publishing, sales, renting, posting, collateral or pledging activities of “ROPPOR software” itself are in violation of copyright law and are completely prohibited.
    3. 2.3. “Users” cannot use “ROPPOR software” in conjunction with other third party software or its components and cannot develops in conjunction with the library or interlocks with a runtime configuration tool that is not provided by “ROPPOR software” and cannot use for development itself based on “ROPPOR software”.
    4. 2.4. “Users” cannot reverse engineer, decompile, or disassemble “ROPPOR software” and cannot create secondary works using “ROPPOR software”. ”The company” may directly provide advertisements, contents and other services in addition to “ROPPOR software” when “Users” downloads, uses, or upgrades “ROPPOR software”. In case that “Users” installs or uses it, it is considered as agreed to use automatic updates and other services.
    5. 2.5. Amendments of this terms of use and transfer right to the use of “ROPPOR software” for free trial are the sole right of “The company”. “Users” cannot transfer all materials defined in this terms of use to a third party, and ,if necessary, “the company” may notify “Users” of a change in marketing policy or amendment of the terms of use and receive reconsent. At this time, if “Users” does not agree again, the use of “ROPPOR software” may be stopped.
  3. 3. Responsibility of License User
    1. 3.1. “Users” fully understands that “the company” develops and offers only “ROPPOR software” and the choice of all hardware and mobile networks beyond the scope of software is up to “Users”. “Users” should consider these matters sufficiently and decide to use and connect “ROPPOR software”. “The company” is not responsible for the following items in providing “ROPPOR software” to “Users” and any liability and compensation related to the use of the HW device and related devices arising from the use of “ROPPOR software” by “Users”. “Users” acknowledges and agrees that it is not with “the company” but entirely with “Users”.
      1. (1) Intentional or unexpected failure (diagnosis error, computer malfunction, paralysis or malfunction, virus intrusion, etc.) occurs on the PC or server
      2. (2) Intentional or unexpected failure (drone fall or malfunction, etc.) occurred on the drone of “Users”
      3. (3) Careless, negligent, or distorted use of “Users”
      4. (4) Use of “ROPPOR software” that is outside the laws and regulations of the country
      5. (5) Shady and illegal use

      “Users” is totally responsible for any direct, indirect, temporary, incidental, legal, moral, expected or unexpected accident, personal injury, data loss, property damage, punitive damage as a result of the occurrence of items falling under (1) to (5) above.
    2. 3.2. “Users” is obligated to protect the software-related information of “The company” when using “ROPPOR software” and cannot provide this information to third parties other than the permitted “users” without the written consent of “the company”.
    3. 3.3. “Users” must agree and abide by all of the terms and conditions of this terms of use, except in cases where it is impossible to perform the items defined in this terms of use due to force majeure such as natural disaster or war etc.
  4. 4. Rights and Liability Limitation of Licensor
    1. 4.1 “ROPPOR software” for “Users” is provided in its current state (As-Is) without express or implied warranty of “The company”, and the specific purpose of use and operation of “ROPPOR software” of “Users”, non-infringement of copyright, merchantability and suitability are not guaranteed. “Users” must install and use the “ROPPOR software” in accordance with the installation guide and usage method provided by “The company”, and “The company” is not responsible for any installation and use beyond these.
    2. 4.2. “ROPPOR software” provided by “The company” does not guarantee flawlessness or perfection in use by “Users”. When “Users” downloads the free trial version “ROPPOR software”, “Users” is aware that factors that negatively affect “Users” system or virus infection in the computer are not related to “The company”. “The Company” may perform function modification or upgrade of “ROPPOR Software” without the consent of “Users” and, in this case, “The company” may notify “Users” through a notice. In addition, the minimum action for dissatisfaction with “ROPPOR software” by “Users” is deemed to have been terminated by the suspension of the use of the “ROPPOR software” by “Users”.
    3. 4.3. “The company” can recognize and receive reports of problems related to the operation and operation of “ROPPOR software” in real time when “Users” uses the software, and “Users” has the right and obligation to report any problems related to use to “The company”. “The company” provides “Users” with necessary solutions such as e-mail, remote access, etc. in order to collect the related information of “Users” and must do its best to resolve this problem. “The company” may provide maintenance services to “Users” to solve this problem, and whether it is paid or free to solve this problem, the decision making and its price policy is determined by “The company” own discretion.
    4. 4.4. “The company” can refer to or investigate the use of “Users” without the separate consent from “Users” if it is necessary to confirm that “Users” is using “ROPPOR Software” in a legal procedure and method consistent with this terms of use. “The company” can search and check the contents and records of “Users”.
    5. 4.5. “The company” may provide services such as installation of “ROPPOR software” for a service fee to “Users” to enable interoperability between drones and software. Upon request of “Users”, technical services such as installation, training, customer service can be provided as fee charge basis.
    6. 4.6. The free trial version distribution of “ROPPOR software” is the exclusive right enforced by the marketing policy of “The company” and the provision of the free trial version may be changed or stopped due to the policy change of “The company”. In this case, “The company” must notify “Users” through prior notification, and the obligation to “Users” for changing the company's policy by prior notification is terminated.
  5. 5. Suspension of Use and compensation for Damage
    1. 5.1. “The company” may stop using “ROPPOR software” without notifying “Users” if it is recognized that “Users” is performing any of the following actions in the use of “ROPPOR software”.
      1. (1) When “Users” does not comply with relevant laws such as the aviation law and radio wave law of the relevant country
      2. (2) When “Users” uses “ROPPOR software” for commercial, business and “indirect use” other than tests without any written consent of “the company”
      3. (3) When “Users” uses “ROPPOR software” for shady or illegal purposes
      4. (4) If “Users” does not agree to change in the marketing policy or amendment of terms of use pursuant to “Article 2.5” above
      5. (5) When “The company” recognizes that “Users” does not comply with these terms of use
    2. 5.2. “The company” may claim damages from “Users” if it is recognized that “Users” is performing any of the following actions in the use of “ROPPOR Software”.
      1. (1) When "Users" violates Article 2 above
      2. (2) When “Users” uses “ROPPOR software” for commercial, business and “indirect use” other than tests without any written consent of “The company”
      3. (3) In case of a violation of Article 3.2 above
      4. (4) When “Users” inflicts mental or material damages to “The company” by using “ROPPOR software” arbitrarily or without permission
  6. 6. Governing Law and Conflict Resolutio
    1. 6.1. Regardless of any dispute issues arising between “The company” and “Users”, or in all regions where the dispute occurs, all legal issues relating to the use of “ROPPOR software” are governed by Korean laws and regulations.
    2. 6.2. A dispute arises between “The company” and “Users” referring to using and testing “ROPPOR software” by “Users” due to a claim raised by one side and, if it is difficult to resolve the dispute through compromise, the Korean Commercial Arbitration Board will settle down the dispute under the international arbitration law and regulation.
ChemEssen Co., Ltd.(hereafter referred to as “The company”) values the personal information of users of ROPPOR swarm drone software such as ROPPOR Server, ROPPOR Private and ROPPOR Art(hereafter referred to as “ROPPOR software”) and, according to Korea Personal Information Protection Law, we would like to ask for consent to collect and use the personal information of “ROPPOR software” users as follows. By using our services, you are agreeing to the terms below and consent to the collection, use and disclosure of your personal information in accordance with this policy.
  1. 1. The Purpose of Personal Information Collection
    1. “The company” makes use of collected information for the following purposes.
      1. (1) Connection between “ROPPOR software” and drones through LTE N/W and confirmation of safe flight by each country
      2. (2) Unlocking of flight altitude, flight radius and flight time restrictions (refer to the homepage for more information)
      3. (3) Sending quotation or estimate sheet for “ROPPOR software”, technical support, training services and other related services for users
      4. (4) Notification of “ROPPOR software” update or new products
  2. 2. Collection of Personal Information
    1. “ROPPOR” collects the minimum personal information to provide the Services. The following personal information is collected when the user uses “ROPPOR software” based on free or paid usage through the home page.
      (1) Connection between “ROPPOR software” and drones through LTE N/W and confirmation of safe flight by each country
      1. ① IP address of user’s PC installed “ROPPOR software”
      2. ② Serial Number of “ROPPOR software”
      3. ③ Country name that drone can be flied
    2. (2) Unlocking of flight altitude, flight radius and flight time restrictions
      1. ① Serial Number of “ROPPOR software”
      2. ② Country name that drone can be flied
      3. ③ Specific period for unlocking restriction
      4. ④ Exceptional flight allowance or approval from certified Government agency (if required)
      5. ⑤ Applicant name, institution or organization name user belongs to (company name, address, user name, company register No. or certification, phone No. etc.), e-mail address and contact No.
    3. (3) Sending quotation or estimate sheet for “ROPPOR software”, technical support, training services and other related services for users
      1. ① “ROPPOR software” name that users use
      2. ② Number of drones
      3. ③ Time period of “ROPPOR software”
      4. ④ Serial Number of “ROPPOR software”
      5. ⑤ Operating system or version of OS that users currently use
      6. ⑥ Drone specification (manufacturer, model name, size, battery info etc.)
      7. ⑦ Peripheral device name and version (FC, computer module, LTE modem, GNSS, VPN etc.)
      8. ⑧ Applicant name, institution or organization name user belongs to (company name, address, user name, company register No. or certification, phone No. etc.), e-mail address and contact No.
    4. (4) Notification of “ROPPOR software” update or new products
      1. ① E-mail address of users
  3. 3. Period of retention and use of personal information
    1. “The company” destroys the personal information provided by you without any delay when the purpose of collection is achieved. However, in order to enhance the quality of customer service or respond customer’s needs effectively or if there is an obligation to retain in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations such as the Commercial Act in e-commerce, etc., the personal information can be retained for a certain period of time.
      1. (1) Record of paid users : 5(five) years
      2. (2) Record of quotation or contract : 5(five) year
      3. (3) Record of payment or service supply : 5(five) years
      4. (4) Record of customer’s request or conflict : 3(three) years
  4. 4. Sharing of Personal Information or Consignment
    1. “The company” is committed to respecting your privacy and protecting your personal data, which is any information that is capable of identifying you as an individual person, collected via ROPPOR website. “The company” uses the personal information within the range notified for the purpose of collection and does not provide personal information to any third party without user’s consent or unless demanded by applicable laws. However, “The company” can use and provide with care in the following cases.
      1. (1) If users have agreed in advance
      2. (2) In accordance with laws and regulations or when there is a request from an investigation agency under the procedures and methods prescribed by laws and regulations
      3. (3) When it is necessary for statistical writing, academic research when it is provided in a form in which a specific individual cannot be identified
  5. 5. Destruction of Personal Information
    1. “The company” safely handles valuable personal information of users and personal information is destructed through the following methods to prevent leakage.
      1. (1) Personal information printed on paper is destroyed by shredding machine or incineration
      2. (2) Personal information stored in the form of electronic file is deleted using a technical method that cannot be reproduce the record
  6. 6. Right to Refuse Consent and Penalties for Refusal
    1. Users can refuse to consent to the above. However, as this notified consent will be used to operate “ROPPOR software” and be essential to perform additional services, unless you do not agree, the use and installation of “ROPPOR software” is impossible.
  7. I am well informed of above notices and in accordance with the Act on Promotion of information and Communication Network Utilization and Information Protection Law, etc. I agree to collect and use my personal information lawfully within the scope set by law.