roppor light show

Example of System Integration & Operation of ROPPOR ART

Swarm drone light show software download,

This post is an example of linking 5 drone units based on the YouTube video of “Swarming Drone Performance Operation Software Platform, ROPPOR Art Integration Guide Video”.

You can check out the full guide video for the swarm drone performance operating software platform, ROPPOR Art linkage and the large-scale production of ROPPOR Art swarm drone performances on the YouTube channel below.

ROPPOR Art linkage guide video of Swarm drone operating software platform,

  1. Introduction to ROPPOR Swarm Drone Software Platform (English Subtitles)
  1. S/W Installation Guide for Swarm Drone Light Show of ROPPOR Art (English Subtitles)
  1. H/W Configuration Guide for I/F with ROPPOR Swarm Drone Software Platform (English Subtitles)
  1. Smart Device Application Software Installation Guide for ROPPOR Swarm Drone(English Subtitles)
  1. Light Show Start Guide of ROPPOR Art (English Subtitles)

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