ROPPOR Swarm Drone Virtual Operation Simulator Usage Guide(1)

Swarm drone light show software download,

The ROPPOR Swarm Drone Virtual Operations Simulator (ROPPOR Simulator) is a program designed to create and simulate virtual drones in conjunction with ROPPOR Server, ROPPOR Private, ROPPOR Art, even if actual drones are not ready.

The ROPPOR Simulator can be used on any other PC, regardless of operation PC or relay PC, server PC. However, if you use the other 3rd PC, you must set up the same environment as the operation PC. This means that you must receive a VPN Client Key through a VPN Server on a server (ROPPOR Server) or relay (ROPPOR Private/ROPPOR Art) PC to connect to the VPN so that the same network can be configured to communicate each other.

watch the video about this on youtube

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