5 samples for ROPPOR Art swarm drone Light Show(4)

Swarm drone light show software download,

For more information on “ROPPOR Art Swarm Drone Light Show of 5 samples”, you can check out the video on the YouTube channel below.

5 samples for ROPPOR Art swarm drone performance [ENG Subtitle]

5 samples for ROPPOR Art swarm drone Light Show(1)

After moving a certain frame, select all 5 aircraft, raise 3000cm in the Y axis direction and create a key.

You can give the height part by yourself.

If you think 30m is high, you can make 20m and 10m according to your own environment~!

his is the key created in the timeline window. Since the directing elements have not been produced yet,

it shows the appearance of an empty window.

Let’s create 5 drone formations based on the key generation method described above!

Please do not think hard and try to get the keys one by one.

The origin control part, which may be a little difficult, has appeared.

In simple terms, Cloner becomes a parent! When parents move, their children follow.

(The principle that attached files follow when you move the upper folder from the computer file folder)

Now, then back to the main point, as the position of the origin rises, the positions of the existing children rise as the origin moves.

Therefore, you need to return to the location (coordinates) where the drones were located. It is a very cumbersome task, but it is a necessary task for overall control. If you don’t understand the text, please refer to the video and make it!!

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